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Can Stanford Quarterback Keller Chryst go 2-0?

Can Stanford’s new quarterback go on a streak to end the season?

NCAA Football: Stanford at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

There has been plenty of drama at the quarterback position this season for Stanford. First Ryan Burns was announced to be the starter for the opener, but head coach David Shaw left a window open for Chryst by giving him drives to work with, saying that “both quarterbacks would get time” which lasted for more than one game. There always seemed to be an open discussion and flux at the quarterback position even when Burns was winning.

Now Chryst is the starter, and he can put away the competition with a win this weekend and cement himself as a starter this week. This will also help his fight for playing time next season when he takes on freshman quarterback K.J. Costello in the spring.

What he needs to do -

Chryst needs to play with confidence and not be afraid to push the ball down field. While the receivers and tight ends have not impressed they do have advantageous size. All the receivers and tight ends that will see the field for Stanford are all 6’1” or taller. These guys can beat a secondary with their size which they should use more, especially in the red zone.

Along with wanting to push the ball down field, it is vitally important to not over complicate the game. They can break the defense’s back with a couple long plays but in between, just get it to Christian McCaffrey. There is a difference between wanting to push the defense and doggedly tossing the ball down field. It is good to get the safeties playing deep, but the best player on the field is McCaffrey, feed him all night and do not be afraid to check it down to him.

Lastly, Chryst needs to hang in the pocket and let the play develop. There are times when he does not like his first read or feels a pass rush that is not there in the pocket. Tucking the football and getting yards is fine, but not after the first and only read. Oregon State is a very beatable team and for Stanford the win is there for the taking. Chryst just has to go out and take it.

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