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Rule of Tree staff predictions: Oregon State Beavers at Stanford Cardinal

We asked the writers their thoughts on the upcoming Stanford football game against Oregon State

NCAA Football: Stanford at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

nerdnation23: The Cubs not only went to a World Series but they won one so it's possible anything can happen now; Christian McCaffrey plays defensive end and Nate Herbig on kickoff duty... Stanford hasn't had the year they expected but they are head and shoulders above Oregon St. Chryst has a chance to put on a clinic as the Oregon St defense is giving up just over 32 ppg and hasn't won a road game in two years.

TonyFernandesSports: The Beavers are better than their record indicates as they took WSU to the brink last week and have only played badly against Colorado; but their defense will be the downfall this week. This will definitely be a chance for the Cardinal to expose the Beavers run defense shortcomings, and possibly allow QB Keller Chryst a chance to grow this week. The Cardinal have found a diamond in the rough with young Nate Herbig along the line, and will look to follow Christian McCaffrey to the promise land. Look for Stanford to win 31-17 in front of the home crowd on Saturday afternoon.

Charlie Foy: Stanford comes into Saturday's game with momentum following last week's win. Oregon State has been more competitive in the PAC-12 but still are at the lower level of the totem pole. Offensively, the Beavers are just ok, but defensively, they really struggle. Stanford's defense will pretty much shut down their opponent on Saturday, and on offense, the Cardinal will have their best game yet. Look for Christian McCaffrey to have his best game of the season and possibly his best game ever. Stanford wins 35-10.

Courtland Nickelberry: Stanford's defensive line will come up big time. I expect them to force some turnovers by putting pressure on the quarterback. I think McCaffrey will make Superman’s cape fly and he will have 215 total yards. Stanford wins 35-17.

John Loop: If you have read my post from Thursday detailing three under-the-radar matchups, you'll know that these Beavers won't be so eager to go quietly in the night. Everything hinges on the Stanford front seven locking down Ryan "Wrecking" Nall. And why not get a 200-yard, 2 TD passing day from Chryst while they're at it? Cardinal win, 38-17.

Nick Dempsey: Stanford needs to use a game like this to improve many facets of the team, not just Keller Chryst. Stanford should use this game to, as Coach Shaw would put it, ‘practice good habits’. Also, if you have not been paying attention, Oregon State is not nearly the doormat they once were. It is true that the Beavers are 2 and 6 and on a 3-game losing streak. During that losing streak, however, the lost to Washington State by 4 (Stanford lost by 26), Utah by 5, and Washington by 24 (Stanford lost by 38). Stanford is also sitting at last in the country in total offense and Vegas has them as 15 point favorites. Oregon State, however has done well this season in beating the spread. For these reasons I don’t know if Stanford is going to run away with this game but they should get the win. Stanford wins 31-17.

CMolesky: If Keller Chryst can improve on last game, it will do that much more for Christian McCaffrey. It is easy to over complicate a game plan and I am not trying to say that football is not complicated, but you ultimately need to get your best player the ball. If they can just get McCaffrey going and keep feeding him, everyone else just needs to keep from turning the ball over. On defense the Beavers do not have anyone who can compete with McCaffrey in space, so let him go crazy. Cardinal win 30-17.

Matt Vassar: The Stanford vs. Oregon State game will include a team with a god-awful passing game that still scores points thanks to the most successful starting running back in the conference. And, no, I'm not talking about Stanford. Oregon State's Ryan Nall is currently averaging 7.2 yards per rushing attempt, which makes him the most successful starting RB in the Pac-12. Unfortunately for Oregon State, they've become a rather one-dimensional team because their passing game is atrocious: 5.2 yards/attempt, which ranks 127th out of 128 FBS teams. Put them against a Stanford defense that has limited teams to 13 or fewer points in six of its eight games, and Oregon State is simply outmatched. Stanford runs away with this one, 34-20.

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