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Stanford defeats Oregon State 26-15

Stanford wins with rushing and Ukropina’s leg.

Oregon State v Stanford Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

After a big win over Arizona last week Keller Chryst came into his second start back at home against a struggling Oregon State. It was a great opportunity for Chryst to improve and build some momentum on offense. Unfortunately the Cardinal offense came right out of the gate and fumbled a snap and the Beavers recovered with excellent field position. The Stanford defense held Oregon State out of the end zone and the Beavers missed the field goal. Stanford would respond with a nice clean offensive drive that stalled but not before the Cardinal offense was able to get close enough for Conrad Ukropina to successfully try a 52-yard field goal.

With a 3-0 lead the Stanford defense stifled the Beavers again and took the ball back just shy of midfield. Bryce Love broke off the longest touchdown run of his career. Big Nate Herbig pulled to the other side of the line and smashed a running lane wide open. Bryce Love had plenty of room to get through and into the second level. Bryce Love’s elite speed makes him near impossible to catch and Love took it to the house for a 56 yard run. 10-0 Stanford leading at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter Oregon State was able to get back into the game with a 75-yard touchdown pass from Marcus McMaryion to Victor Bolden Jr. to make it 10-7. Chryst continued to struggle, still not making throws down field despite receivers being open. This placed a huge burden on Christian McCaffrey and Bryce Love as well as the Stanford defense. Big touchdown plays like Bolden’s can be killer when you are relying on defense and the running game. Fortunately for the Cardinal this big play would be the only real offensive production for Oregon State in the first 30 minutes of the game.

Stanford continued to grind it out on the ground and with a 51-yard run by McCaffrey the Cardinal was able to extend the lead with a field goal. Stanford was up 13-7 with 1:33 left in the half. Oregon State would attempt to run the hurry up and get points on the board before halftime but the Stanford defense held.

13-7 Stanford with the lead at the half but not before Keller Chyrst displayed some impressive arm strength on a hail mary with 4 seconds left to go. The pass was incomplete but it was a very well thrown ball.

Second Half:

In a fortuitous inversion of the first half, on the first possession of the second half Stanford linebacker Kevin Palma made a fantastic interception setting up the Stanford offense with excellent field position. McCaffrey once again broke open another huge run deep into Oregon State territor. Unfortunately the drive stalled in the red zone when Keller Chryst bobbled a snap on third and short. Stanford was able to recover this one but Stanford was forced to settle for a field goal. Stanford extended their lead to 9 up 16-7 with 11:29 left to go in the third quarter. Keller Chryst and center Jesse Burkett spent the ensuing Oregon State possession practicing snaps on the sideline.

Linebacker Mustafa Branch would come up with another interception from the linebacker unit off of a tipped pass. This year the linebackers have not played up to the lofty expectations of Stanford linebackers but they showed up today.

Off of the interception Keller Chryst Threw the ball deep downfield to Michael Rector who had a couple of steps on his man and a clear path to the end zone. Chryst unfortunately overthrew Rector with a hard thrown laser. Chryst would make up for the overthrow later in the drive with a huge run moving the ball deep inside the red zone.

Christian McCaffrey would finish off the drive with a touchdown. Stanford finally had a comfortable cushion. Unfortunately a huge Ryan Nall run would have Oregon State knocking on the door at the end of the third quarter.

On the first play of the fourth quarter Marcus McMaryion would run the ball in for a touchdown from the 3. The Beavers would go for two and get it with a completion to Ricky Ortiz. Stanford still led 23-15 and possession with 14 and half minutes left in the game.

Stanford would drive the ball back down the field stripping 5 precious minutes off the clock. The Cardinal once again stalled in the red zone and were first to kick another field goal. With 9:36 left in the game Conrad Ukropina nailed his 4th field goal of the game to give Stanford the 26-15 lead.

Oregon State simply was not able to respond giving the ball back to Stanford who went back to work bleeding the clock. The Cardinal marched the ball right down the field with run after run deep inside the five. The Cardinal stalled again in the red zone but on fourth and goal Stanford opted to go for a touchdown instead of another field goal. The give was to McCaffrey up the middle as he tried to dive over the pile into the end zone he was wrapped up and stuffed.

The Beavers took possession practically in their own end zone. The Beavers failed to convert a first down going 4 and out. Oregon State had no more timeouts and with 1:54 left in the game Stanford got the ball back, took three knees and ended the game.

Stanford defeats 26-15.

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