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Christian McCaffrey Punches in a TD for 4 Yards

Is Christian McCaffrey now the vulture?

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Christian McCaffrey punched in Stanford's second touchdown of the game from the four-yard line. This came on the heels of a 44-yard Keller Chryst run to put Stanford in the red zone.

Last season, a big statistical difference between Heisman runner-up Christian McCaffrey and winner Derek Henry was in the touchdown column (Henry's 28 to McCaffrey's 14). A large reason for this disparity was that Remound Wright frequently "vultured" McCaffrey's touchdowns last year by punching it into the end zone after large gains from McCaffrey.

McCaffrey must have sensed some kind of karmic justice when he vultured Keller Chryst's touchdown just now. This was McCaffrey's 25th career touchdown.