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Dissecting Stanford Men’s basketball’s loss to Kansas

Why there is a silver lining to the Kansas loss

NCAA Basketball: Stanford at Kansas Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

While two consecutive losses to ranked teams is a problem, there is some positives to take from the loss to the 4th ranked Kansas Jayhawks.

To lose by 15 on the road to the mighty Jayhawks is not the worst way to go down, as Kansas is a dependable power house. Travis was able to put up 29 points for Stanford and it was a seven point game after the first half. If the Cardinal can improve in two factors when they play top level talent, they stay in these kind of games and maybe grab some wins.

First - The starters need to muster more than one double digit point scorer on the night, as Humphrey was the only man who came close with nine. Their starters need to generate more than 26 points between four players.

Second - The bench needs to show up in big games and produce more on both sides of the ball. The seven players that saw minutes off the bench only recorded 19 points, eight rebounds and two assists on the night. If they are going to play with the upper levels of college basketball they will need better production from this part of the team.

The good news is these are not impossible goals for the Cardinal squad, which hopefully points to an up tick in play on the back end of the season. There are some really solid teams in their conference, but if they can make these adjustments they will hang in with the top of the conference. So with the loss, there is a silver lining.



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