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College football Conference Championship Weekend

Taking a look at the games that will decide who stands atop each conference

Pac-12 Championship - Colorado v Washington Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

(8) Colorado vs. (4) Washington - PAC-12 Championship

Well in August the safe bet would have been USC and Stanford playing in this game. Yet here we are, as both of these teams have rolled through their sides of the conference to meet here. Colorado’s defense only lets up 18.8 points a game, the Huskies defense gives up 17.8. The offenses are also evenly matched as Washington puts up 44.8 points a game as the Buffaloes put up 34.8. Jake Browning comes into the game with 3,162 passing yards while Colorado’s Phillip Lindsay has rushed for 1,136 yards and 15 touchdowns. This will end up being a punching match and turnovers will be huge, which finds these two teams immensely close as well. The Huskies have 16 picks this weekend while Colorado has 15 on the year.

Prediction: As I write this, the kickoff for these to has yet to go down so the prediction is still viable. Browning and company proves to be too much, Huskies win 46-35.

(1) Alabama vs. (15) Florida - SEC Championship

Florida has the 4th best defense in the country, letting up only 14.6 points a game with 28 sacks and six touchdowns on the year. And that is were the good ends for this Gator unit. The Florida offense is ranked 120th in total offense with 24.1 points a game and is up against the number one defense in the country that only lets up 11.4 points a game along with recording 41 sacks and seven touchdowns plus 21 turnovers. The offense for Bama is a non factor in a game that has the Tide favored by 24 points, the defense will win this game for Alabama.

Prediction: Defensive end Jonathan Allen might score more touchdowns than the Gator offense, Alabama wins 44-6.

(6) Wisconsin vs. (7) Penn State - Big 10 Championship

This seems like a sad match up between two teams that probably will not make the playoff despite taking their conference title. TCU was bounced from the playoffs two years ago for not having a conference championship game to play in, now the Big 10’s does not matter? Seems like a contradiction. But back to the game. Wisconsin leads the country in interceptions with 21, they have 31 sacks, and is 7th in the country in total defense. They let up only 13.7 points a game with while only allowing 292 total yards a game. They win on defense like with most of the games they have won this season. Would it not be fun to watch them play Bama? Just saying.

Prediction: To the tune of seven sacks, Wisconsin wins 28-13.

(3) Clemson vs. (23) Virginia Tech - ACC Championship

While Virginia Tech has been surprising this season, averaging 34.8 points a game and have been great all season. However, this Clemson team has been able to get up for big games and Deshaun Watson has had some down moments but is a great leader, backed by a great season. While he has not had the season from a year ago, he still has thrown for 3,626 yards and 34 touchdowns. This team is the better unit from top to bottom with more raw talent, this is the Tigers game to lose.

Prediction: Watson leads the team to a 40-17 win.

The Big 12 - Yeah this is a joke, Big 12 how do you not have a conference title game? It is not cool anymore, it is pretty embarrassing at this point.