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Merry Christmas, Stanford Fans

Even Santa loves Stanford.

Rangers v Inverness - Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

It’s interesting to point out that Santa Claus wears red and white; he’s clearly a Stanford fan. And where does Santa put his gifts? Under the Stanford tree of course. The signs are clear, Santa Claus loves Stanford.

Why does Santa love Stanford? Because Stanford is the greatest university in the world. Stanford has everything; outstanding academics, weather, food, and athletics. Academically, Stanford teaches the smartest students, who are offered top jobs and turned into top inventors. Secondly, Palo Alto seems to be sunny year round. It doesn’t snow, rarely rains, and is not extremely cold. Then, there’s the food, and Stanford and Palo Alto offer a variety of restaurants. There’s fancy, casual, and fast, and with a big belly, Santa loves to eat, and Palo Alto has anything he wishes.

But what does Santa love most about the Farm? Santa has plenty of downtime aside from the Christmas season, so he loves to watch Stanford sports. Stanford has the best sports program in the country and has won Division I Learfield Sports Directors’ Cup twenty one consecutive times, which is given to the nation’s most successful sports program. To name a few, Stanford dominates in soccer, tennis, golf, swimming, volleyball, and football. Every season, there seems to be a Stanford team winning a national championship. For example, this fall, women’s volleyball took home yet another national championship for the Cardinal as did the Men’s soccer team, and Santa loves to see a winning team.

Beyond national championships, Stanford had or has individual stars that Santa loves to watch. Santa has been around for eternity, so he loves the old and the new. He watched Jim Plunkett and John Elway dominate in the NFL and both win a pair of super bowls. He enjoyed seeing John McEnroe become the world’s best tennis player. He saw Tiger Woods shock the golf world over and over again. Recently, he viewed the Rio Olympics and saw Kerri Walsh Jennings end her miraculous beach volleyball winning streak and was amazed by Katie Ledecky. Currently, Santa is in the midst of the football season. He just observed Christian McCaffrey finish an incredible Stanford career and is excited to see him play in the NFL. Santa hopes that Stanford players will help their team win the Super Bowl, and he keeps a close eye on Andrew Luck and Richard Sherman. There are so many Stanford superstars that Santa has a tough time keeping track of everyone.

Wherever you are this Christmas, know that Santa is taking a break from Stanford sports and is delivering presents. When Christmas season ends however, Santa will be back on his couch watching his favorite team, Stanford.

Merry Christmas, Nerd Nation!!

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