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Stanford Football Recruiting: Coach Shaw discusses the 2016 Class

There are plenty of reasons to be excited about #CardClass16 Coach Shaw discusses a few of those reasons.

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"Coach Duane Akina is really fired up about these guys because they can play Stanford style of football which is a physical in your face football but at the same time have the chance to get some more interceptions, some more turnovers and turn those things back into positive plays for us."

"When you search across the country looking for guys that fit Stanford University it starts with the transcript. These guys the trusted us they believed in us they did a lot of extra work that nobody else in the nation asked these guys to do. They know it's worth it and the support from their families, and coaches, and counselors has been outstanding. These guys have set a goal in their mind to achieve the possibility of getting to a place like Stanford University and these guys have made it."