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Stanford's Super Bowl 50 Social Media roundup

Plenty of Stanford folks had something to say on social media about Super Bowl 50

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Even though there were no Stanford players in Super Bowl 50, the game was not without its Stanford connections. Denver's GM is a Stanford legend. The Broncos practiced at Stanford Stadium over the last week. The game occurred basically in The Farm's backyard. And so it's only fitting that we check in to see how Stanford players reacted to the biggest sports event of the year.

There were many Stanford players and alumni present at the game. Some were just basking in the moment. Others had interesting journeys into the stadium:

Even the players wonder the same thing we mere mortals do: Who ya got?!

Lady Gaga impressed:

As did Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware:

Not to say that Cam didn't have his admirers as well:

And yes, Clark, that commercial is gonna haunt our dreams too:

Some joined in on the multiple cases of complaining about the quality of the turf at Levi's Stadium:

It was a close game, a great game, nearly all agreed:

And then the real (!?) event began...the halftime show:

Not everyone was down with Queen B and her friends' show, though:

As the Denver defense began to clamp down on Cam and the Panthers, the players definitely made note:

And some even engaged in the Crying Jordan meme:

In the middle of the 4th Quarter, Marshawn Lynch announced his retirement on Twitter, and both current players and his #StanfordNFL Seahawk teammates wished him well:

And when the end result was finally in sight, the analysis began:

As always, Michael Rector asked the question that we were all asking:

And then for the best part of the evening. Kevin Hogan and former USC LB Su'a Cravens are training for the NFL Draft at the same facility, and made a bet over the outcome of the Super Bowl:

Let's hope that Hogan picks the only choice there is: make Su'a pick both.