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2016 NCAA Women's Tournament: Stanford Elite 8 Highlights against the Washington Huskies

"Keep your heads up and rededicate yourself in the offseason."

From our instant game recap:

"At this point, It would take a small miracle for Stanford to win. For a brief moment it seemed like the Cardinal might just make it happen. The strategy of fouling helped Stanford draw to within 5 points but once again Stanford just could not hit shots when they needed to and Washington was able to put them away. Stanford loses 85-76. Washington will head to the Final Four. Stanford's season is over.


Tara VanDerVeer said that Stanford was "playing with the house's money." What she meant was that before this game even started the Cardinal had far exceeded her expectations for the year. Stanford had no senior starters this season, only a slim chance to advance this far and still finished among the final 8 teams in the nation. It was a thrilling tournament run but a disspointing end. Still, with such a young team returning after gaining such valuable experience, and several All-American recruits coming next season, the future looks very bright for Stanford Women's basketball."

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