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Stanford Men's Basketball: Arizona State defeats The Cardinal

The winning streak ended in the dessert.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Stanford's brief winning streak came to a close Thursday night after losing to Arizona State 74-64.

For Stanford, only three players were able to find success on offense. Dorian Pickens, Rosco Allen, and Michael Humphrey all scored double digits, but besides them, no one scored over five. Dorian Pickens had the best game of the three. Pickens came out firing shots at the beginning of the game and finished with nineteen points.

In the first half, Stanford started slow and was outscored 37-22. Following the half, Stanford scored 42 points compared to the Sun Devil's 37, but Stanford's second half push was not enough. Throughout the game, Stanford struggled on the boards. Stanford expected to have an advantage in size, but somehow, Arizona State managed to grab fifteen offensive rebounds. In retrospect, Stanford only had five offensive rebounds. Stanford failed to box out on defense, and it showed.

Arizona State succeeded on offense because of all around team effort. Arizona State's star player, Sophomore guard Tra Holder, had a moderately quiet game with only eleven points, but four other Sun Devils scored in the double digits. In particular, Junior forward Savon Good-man had a spectacular game. He dominated the paint and had break away dunks to score six-teen points.

Going forward, Stanford plays Arizona on Saturday. Although a tough task, Stanford will hopefully turn things around in Tuscon before the PAC-12 Tournament.