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Stanford Basketball: Rosco Allen declares for NBA Draft but does not sign agent

Stanford Forward Rosco Allen has declared for the NBA Draft but is not necessarily leaving Stanford.

John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Stanford forward Rosco Allen, who led the Cardinal in scoring in 2015-16 has declared for the 2016 NBA Draft. This does not necessarily mean, however, that Allen is leaving Stanford. NCAA basketball players are allowed to register for the NBA Draft, attend the NBA Combine and participate in one team workout without losing their college eligibility.

NBA prospects coming out of college actually have until 10 days after the NBA combine to remove their name from draft consideration (this year's deadline is May 25). If they do remove their name from consideration by the deadline they are able to return to college play. If the player hires an agent, however, the situation changes.

This rule allows college basketball players the option to test the NBA waters first before making a decision about their future. Rosco Allen has opted to test the NBA waters but has not hired an agent therefore preserving the option to return to the Farm for his final year of eligibility. Allen is a senior and has been with the Cardinal for four seasons but he still has a year of eligibility left because he received a medical hardship his sophomore year(the 2013-14 basketball season).

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