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What can the Kansas City Chiefs expect from Kevin Hogan?

Stanford quarterback Kevin Hogan had his many doubters but could be in an ideal situation with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Some of you may know Kevin Hogan as the former Stanford quarterback who went to 3 Rose Bowl's and won 2. Some of you may know Kevin Hogan as the quarterback who had games where you wondered how he was a starting quarterback in college football. Heck, some of you may think he is the son to Hulk Hogan. Regardless of what you may have thought about Kevin Hogan as a football player, he is a mature and intelligent young man.

Playing quarterback in the NFL can be one of the toughest jobs (yet potential very fun) especially for younger players. With Hogan, you are getting a player who will be 24 in October. He stayed at Stanford for 5 years so while he was getting one of the best educations in the world, he was also the gas to Stanford's engine on the field. Stanford runs an NFL-style offense and the playbook for the Cardinal is actually tougher to master than some NFL team playbooks. Hogan won 36 games as the starting quarterback at Stanford with 16 of those wins against RANKED teams. This guy knows how to find ways to win. His first road start was in Eugene, Oregon which is a tough place to play for a veteran nonetheless a first career road start. And just to put Mr. #1 Overall on the spot, Jared Goff has ZERO wins against ranked teams.

Now those who have seen Hogan and are not fans will automatically throw out his mechanics and footwork. Hogan does have a unique delivery and that could hurt him at the next level. If you are comparing him to Andrew Luck as an NFL quarterback, you're crazy. If you are comparing his mindset to be an NFL quarterback, that is on the money. Hogan is smart enough to learn from mistakes and how to adapt. Hogan as a freshman and sophomore would rely more on luck, no pun intended and hope his throws got to his receivers. Last year, Hogan had an average of 9.43 yards per attempt. He made the big plays when needed but didn't force it. Hogan also has a problem of throwing to the wrong receivers sometimes but that doesn't mean he locks on to receivers. Kevin Hogan is always scanning the field both pre and post snap and while he can tend to pick the wrong receiver, he will scan to the play that makes the most sense. It's not always great to have as a starting quarterback but that combination of safety plays with a little renegade has made Tom Brady a future Hall-of Famer.

Kevin Hogan will never be that great of a QB but he can be a winning quarterback and look up to someone like an Alex Smith....The starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs and now teammate to Hogan. The Kansas City Chiefs took Hogan with a 5th-round pick and not only may have found their backup quarterback for the next couple years but potentially their next starter. Smith is under contract for the next 3 years and will be 32 entering this season. Hogan can learn the system as a backup and really use practice time and preseason games to his advantage. In a very tough but winnable AFC West, Hogan may not have found himself in a better situation. Learn from a guy who was doubted and eventually make your team a contender.

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