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Rule of Tree Meetup May 28th at 10 AM in front of Memorial Auditorium on the Stanford Campus

We will meet up and go fountain hoping May 28th at 10 AM. Meet in front of Memorial Auditorium.

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We want to meet YOU in Rule of Tree's first ever meetup this Saturday, May 28th at 10 AM. Come join us in front of Memorial Auditorium on the Stanford Campus.

And what is this meetup, might you ask? Since Stanford just turned on its fountains for the first time in two years, we are reliving an undergraduate tradition and going FOUNTAIN HOPPING!

If you don't know what Fountain Hopping is, it's exactly what it sounds like: get a group of AMAZING people who are willing to get crazy and literally jump INSIDE of the fountains on the Stanford campus. Families are welcome, so bring the kids. Everybody is guaranteed to get wet!

The event is completely FREE and you'll get to meet other Rule of Tree die-hards. Additionally, we have three of your favorite Rule of Tree writers who will be in attendance

· nerdnation23 (AKA Daniel Gilbert)

· Mike Francis

· And your event organizer, Matt Vassar

Make sure to bring dry clothes for after the fountain hopping fun. Those who are interested can stick around for lunch in Tresidder and/or walk together afterward to watch the baseball game at the Sunken Diamond.

Come on out this Saturday, May 28th at 10 AM in front of Memorial Auditorium to have some fun with us! You'll not only get wet with other extraordinary Stanford fans, but you'll also get a nice stroll through the Stanford campus to see some of its most beautiful fountains and features.

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