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Stanford Women's Tennis team wins National Championship

The Champs are here!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to the Stanford Women's Tennis Team for winning their nineteenth national championship. After beating the defending champion, Vanderbilt, the women took on Oklahoma State Tuesday and won in a nail biter. The women were losing early following doubles play but took control in their singles match ups. The women finished strong and defeated Oklahoma State after Stanford's Taylor Davidson clinched the title for the team.

Oklahoma State was not an easy opponent to defeat. The Cowgirls have recently been riding a hot streak of their own and have won their last eighteen matches. The Cowgirls went up early with their doubles play, which they have only lost once all season. Lastly, the match was played in Tulsa Oklahoma, giving the Cowgirls a location advantage because Tulsa is only a short drive for the Cowgirls and their fans. The Cowgirls were definitely the favorite heading into today, but that did not matter for Stanford.

In the match, Stanford was considered the underdog against the higher seeded Oklahoma State but winning as an underdog is a recent trend for Stanford. In 2013, Stanford won as a twelve seed and was the lowest ranked team to ever win the national title at the time, and the women have won the last 14 of their last 16 NCAA matches when ranked lower than their opponent. Now, Stanford has broken their own record by winning as a fifteen seed. In the tournament, Stanford defied the odds and played hard to bring home the national championship.

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