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Stanford Athletics: Cardinal RHED

For more information on Mental Health for Student Athletes visit:

From the Video's description:

"Founded in April of 2014, Cardinal RHED was born out of the idea that collegiate athletes face stressors unique to their occupation, and therefore, should have resources available that match those demands equivocally. Cardinal RHED serves a threefold purpose: to serve as a liaison between athletes and the Athletic Department on topics surrounding personal development and well-being; to architect programming and projects specific to the needs of the athletic population, working with the Athletic Department to bring them to fruition; finally, to function as a resource network helping athletes overcome the stigma around asking for help, and connecting them to available resources.

We hope our work not only leads to a better experience for Stanford athletes, but that we can be a part of something bigger in changing the way struggling, personal development, and are addressed in collegiate athletics. Like our Facebook Page at Questions or comments can be sent to Molly McNamara at"

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