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Who is the Steph Curry of Stanford Football?

Stanford Football Head Coach David Shaw sits down with Chat Sports CEO James Yoder for a 1-on-1 fireside chat for the 10th installment of Minds Behind the Game.

Rule of Tree's own Matt Vassar attended the Fireside Chat with David Shaw and Chat Sports. Matt had the tweet of the evening when he asked his question. My favorite part of the exchange was when Coach Shaw's face lit up at the Mention of Rule of Tree, but I might be a bit biased. You can watch the exchange in the video above. Awesome job Matt.

Here is the text of Shaw's answer:

""I'm going to get killed on my team for this answer because I still firmly believe that most football players are frustrated basketball players that couldn't make it in basketball so they had to go play football. It'd have to be Christian McCaffrey. I'll never forget going to do the home visit, and we stopped by basketball practice before we went to the home. He was a senior in high school and to watch the young man play basketball is just like watching them play football. I mean the guy's an assassin. He can be not the biggest guy out there, but he jumps up and dunks about with ease and makes the three-pointer in the mid-range jumper, he's got ridiculous handles. I'd love to see him play basketball - not until he's done playing football, he would be the guy." "

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