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David Shaw Talks Christian McCaffrey with Chat Sports

Stanford Football Head Coach David Shaw sits down with Chat Sports CEO James Yoder for a 1-on-1 fireside chat for the 10th installment of Minds Behind the Game.

""It's really, really close and the reason why I say that is I will I've been so fortunate in my career to spend in four years with Andrew Luck and what he did, to spend four years in Baltimore was Ray Lewis, to spend two years with Deion Sanders, one year was Jerry Rice, four years with Tim Brown. I was around some guys that play the game at the highest level. I was so, so very fortunate to be around guys like that. What I learned from Jon Gruden was when we did have some great players around - Rich Gannon was the MVP of the league - was the most important thing that you can do to those guys is to challenge them. You don't kiss their backsides, you don't make it easier for them. Make it harder. For you to challenge them intellectually, challenge them physically and challenge them to be at their best. When your best player is playing his best, he brings up everybody else. So I recognized that to be special, you need to put it all out there, and at the same time we're going to push him to be as good as he can be as much as we can. Knowing that challenging their best player is going to bring up the rest of our players.""

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