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David Shaw Talks Past 49ers Rumors with Chat Sports

Stanford Football Head Coach David Shaw sits down with Chat Sports CEO James Yoder for a 1-on-1 fireside chat for the 10th installment of Minds Behind the Game.

""Honestly, I never talked to anybody from 49ers. No job was ever offered, there's never been a process. Every year, I look at the rumors. There was one point where I got a text from last year. I was in an in-home visit up in Oregon, and two of my coaches text me ‘Where are you at?' ‘Our guy's house, where I said I was going to be.' ‘There's a rumor that you are in Kansas City.' ‘Really? What am I wearing?' The coaching rumor mill, it goes crazy every year. I can say without hesitation and 100 percent honesty since I've taken this job, I have not interviewed for another job from anybody else, have not talked to anybody about any jobs - and I don't plan to.""

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