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Stanford Alum Joshua Garnett proves to doubters that he can dunk

Josh Garnett Shows off his strength in a video of him dunking.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

It's not everyday you see an NFL player dunk. But seeing an offensive lineman dunk is even more rare, and impressive. Former Stanford offensive lineman Joshua Garnett was sick and tired of people saying that he couldn't dunk. Garnett tweeted a video of him dunking to prove that he can do it. In the video, Garnett shows off his one handed dunk and then nearly takes the rim off the basket!

This video also proves that Garnett is insanely strong. Garnett must have an incredible amount of lower body strength considering he weighs 320 pounds and is able to dunk. His ability to bend the rim really far down when he dunked also shows that he has a large amount of upper body strength too. This video not only proves to all the doubters that he can dunk, but also that he has a body built for the NFL.