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Stanford band decries Donald Trump's use of "All Right Now"

The Republican candidate for president raised a few eyebrows when he played the LSJUMB's signature tune

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

In an unpredictable election cycle, the powerful are finally being held accountable. The moral and legal authority on all things - also known as the Stanford band - spoke from on high Thursday to decry presidential nominee Donald Trump's unlawful use of their fight song, "All Right Now."

"Your use of the song 'All Right Now' as background music during the official introduction of your Vice Presidential pick is probably a violation of Free's common law trademark rights, common law service mark rights, and trade name rights, and this letter constitutes a demand that you cease and desist any and all use of the song 'All Right Now' in any campaign-related events, functions, or shindigs," LSJUMB stated in their release.

Although the band is likely unable to take legal action, the group has a "philosophical claim" to the song that was played at vice presendential candidate Mike Pence's official debut. LSJUMB believes that the politician and his "divisive rhetoric will tarnish the spirit of the song."

However, the altruistic band isn't just looking to protect their own tune. They're trying to protect Trump's image from being sullied by a careless content issue.

"Also, for the record - the lyrics to ARN are about a dude trying to hook up with a meter maid," LSJUMB stated. "Regardless of the upbeat and encouraging nature of the chorus, we don't think that's a message that the 2016 Republican Party really wants to stand behind."

We'll keep you updated on LSJUMB's ongoing pursuit of justice.