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Christian McCaffrey is going to score a lot more touchdowns this year

College football's most prolific back should find more success near the goal line this year

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

You may have noticed that it's difficult to keep Christian McCaffrey out of the end zone.

The nation's most prolific offensive player scored as a runner, receiver and kick returner last year - but oddly, he wasn't even the most prolific scoring back on his own team last season.

McCaffrey scored only 8 rushing touchdowns, while goal-line counterpart Remound Wright scored 13 touchdowns, thriving in his role as the short-yardage and goal line back. (For comparison's sake, Leonard Fournette scored 22 touchdowns last season and Dalvin Cook scored 19.)

But with Wright's graduation in the spring, that short-yardage job is now open - and McCaffrey may be the one to fill that spot.

Offensive coordinator Mike Bloomgren offered his take on the job after practice this week:

"We're going to have Christian involved in the goal line offense this year," Bloomgren said. "He's earned that right, and certainly none of us have any doubts about how he'll perform. But it will really not be his first time every doing it, because certainly he did it in practice before, but we're going to get him in that role.'

"Short yardage wise we'll see who it ends up being and who can earn it." Bloomgren continued. "And maybe it does end up being a combination of different backs in short yardage, which would be weird for us. And you wish you could clone Daniel Marx and have him block for himself, but we can't do that."

While Wright was a tremendous success as a short yardage runner last season, if McCaffrey grabs that job all season, expect to see #5 stay on the field more often with the heavy sets that Stanford employs at the goal line - and expect him to celebrate in the end zone a lot as well.