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2016 Rio Olympic Games: Stanford Matches School Record with 25 Medals

Stanford will have the opportunity today to break that record...

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Ekateríni Stefanídi became the first Stanford woman ever to win a gold in an individual track and field event, as she put up the winning pole vault jump at 4.85 meters. Today, Foluke Akinradewo guided the USA volleyball to a bronze medal, making it her second Olympics in a row where she medaled.

With the two newest medals, Stanford is now up to 25 medals, which matches the school record set in Beijing in 2008. Stanford will have the opportunity to break the record tomorrow as Erik Shoji and Kowika Shoji will represent Team USA in the bronze medal match for men's volleyball.

Stanford is currently the seventh-best "country" in the world with gold medals in ten events. The only countries ahead of Stanford are: the U.S. (43), Great Britain (27), China (26), Russia (17), Germany (17), and Japan (12).

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