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Stanford Football 2016: QB Analysis from Go Mighty Card

Go Mighty Card always has great Stanford articles, check out the latest from GMC

NCAA Football: Stanford at Arizona State Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I am a huge fan of Go Mighty Card. There are always great articles at GMC with excellent analysis. Frankly, I wish he posted here at Rule of Tree. Unfortunately he doesn’t, but this is a really good article that I wanted to share.

Everyone has a take on David Shaw naming Ryan Burns the starting QB for Stanford over Keller Chryst. Some are worried this was not the right pick, others a worried that Stanford may have a quarterback by committee, still more wonder if this a Nunes/Hogan situation all over again. It certainly will be interesting to see how everything plays out, but I for one like Go Mighty Card’s take on the Stanford quarterback situation and I think you should check it out:

“When Andrew Luck graduated and went on the NFL, most observers worried about the pressures his eventual successor would feel as he attempted to live up to that standard. Four years later, we're hearing the same things with respect to Hogan's replacement, but perhaps it's time to look at things differently. These young men did not choose Stanford capriciously. Kevin Hogan arrived knowing he'd be replacing Andrew Luck, and he rose to that challenge. Ryan Burns and Keller Chryst made similar decisions, knowing that nothing less than greatness would be expected from them. This is how champions think. While others have chosen easier paths, these young men have embraced the challenge of becoming the starting quarterback at Stanford University.”

Join the team!

I also loved this line:

“There is no school in America that wouldn't trade its quarterback situation with Stanford's. Without question, this is Quarterback U.”