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Fanpost: WHAT WE WANT THIS MERRY SEASON. How the Dominoes line up...

Check out this fanpost from one of our readers

NCAA Football: Pac-12 Media Day Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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[Preface... All you "one game at a timers"; go root for Cal. Here at Fan Central we get to DREAM -- what COULD BE?! That's the thing about being a FAN. Don't be a Donny Downer. We get it. Seriously, for the next two seasons put "Caution" in a box, leave it in the garage! OK?! ]

1) With Stanford's "TOP TEN most difficult schedule", we make the Playoff as a one-loss, or undefeated, Pac12 Champ. Period. The lone loss cannot be to NDAM, because then the Domers could make Playoff (see 2012). Bonus: NDAM beats MIST early, then we pound the Domers in week 6, while Sparty slashes its way through Big TEN.

2) We want #3 OKLA to take down #6 OHST in monster week 3 tiff. Better that the Big Ten fails to make the Playoff than Pac12. OHST then stomps others in Big Ten.

3) CLEM or FLST to suffer a loss before they play each other Oct 29. We want chaos in ACC.

4) We want Bama to get killed twice. Let the Sabanite cult at ESPN eat turf. But, Bama's defense is more stout than some NFL teams. Their pipeline is better than the 49ers.

My Final FOUR [Peach and Fiesta this year, Dec. 31]:

1) OKLA -- Sooners go undefeated, if they get to 4-0. Loaded at every position.

2) CLEM @FLST winner (ACC) -- Louisville a spoiler, but ACC = "Big TWO". FLST will knock off the Gators (Nov 26), so FLOR (in SEC) is out.

3) SEC Champ (Bama, LSU, TENN? Ole Miss?). Put me down for "Anybody But Bama".

4) Pac12 Champ. Makes room in Rose Bowl for Pac12 runner up. (as in 2014).

If NDAM wins both @USC and STAN, then Pac12 is OUT. (Won't happen). Given that schedule, plus MIST, an unbeaten Domer crew would make the Playoff at Pac12's expense.

STAN vs OKLA would be a Heavy-weight slugfest. NFL Scouts at that game.

CLEM or FLST vs SEC Champ is a TV ratings slurpee: 60% of USA.

Then, any combo of victors among those would be a GREAT Nat'l Champ game.

We would settle for a GIGA-SmashMouth matchup against Harbaugh (MICH) in Rose Bowl. Captain Khakis against Protege Shaw. Our Offensive firepower against one of the best Defenses in USA. Two ALL-AMs: RB McCaffrey vs LB Jabril Peppers. Two of the ten best coaches in USA.

NCAA Week 1 -- MEGA opening weekend.

+ @STAN by 15 over KAST. Friday 9/2. Solid home opener; build confidence. Give the points.

+ UCLA > @TXAM, a win lifts Bruins up into the Teens from #24. Bet the under.

+ The Big One: USC > BAMA (in TX). All the pusillanimous pundits pick the Tide, but USC shatters entire SEC by winning. This is the only game where I root for Troy, underdogs by 2 TDs.

+ NDAM > @TEX: Irish shredded the Horns last year. We want Our Lady 6-0 when we go to South Bend, Oct. 15. That is a "Playoff Play-in" game. Imagine winning on a Ukropina field goal...a "Nuke"! (Our kicker has name that rhymes with a warhead!)

+ OKLA > HOUS -- I have Sooners in Playoff AFTER they sink the Buckeyes in Norman, week 3. Sooners take out #15 HOUS for openers. [Big12 can pick up HOUS and BYU next year... and finally get to TWELVE teams, stepping up to legitimacy! (with a conf champ game). ]

+ @OLMS > FLST. Ole Miss will lose within the brutal SEC West (tougher than the AFC South); Rebels are one of the few teams that could beat potent FLST... CLEM is the other one.

Too many pundits have the Pac12 hosting a Donner Party again (Cannibalism), but the SEC are cannibals, too. ACC and BigTEN less so. The Big12 is still two cans short of a twelve-pack. Trojans stopping the Tide would be an early Christmas.

Howsabout: Bruins over Aggies, Sooners stuffing OHST, and Stanford running the table!



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