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Stanford Cardinal Football: The Starting Squad Released

A look at the entire starting roster for the start of 2016

NCAA Football: Pac-12 Media Day Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

At the bottom of this will be a link to the Stanford’s depth chart going into the season opener against Kansas State.

Before checking that out, I have a three takeaways or highlights from the depth chart.

  1. The offensive line is made up of juniors and seniors with a few juniors/seniors in back up rolls as well. Burns will be starting with a veteran line that can even withstand a couple injuries if need be.
  2. The one two punch of Christian McCaffrey and Bryce Love will be fun to watch all season. Obviously McCaffrey is the starter but Bryce Love has explosive speed and a lot of potential in the passing game. I can see Stanford taking advantage of this by going from a two back set with both of them in the backfield, to a spread offense with an audible call that sends both backs out to wide receiver spots. I think Love will be much like Jerick McKinnon for the Minnesota Vikings, a smaller back to throw at defenders already wore down by McCaffrey.
  3. There is a lot of veteran depth at the safety position on this roster. With the offense experiencing some turbulence because of quarterback change the defense will have to come up big this season, especially early. Stanford’s secondary had some weak moments last season, particularly when facing elite wide receivers (see JuJu Smith) but with veteran returning safeties and returning cornerback Quenton Meeks having his best games to finish last season, the secondary has a chance to be a major component for this team to win early.

With those observations in mind here is the depth chart for the Cardinal.