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Stanford is the Olympics' Seventh-Best "Country"

Katie Ledecky and Maya DiRado win their second individual medals on day four to propel Stanford Up the Leader Board

Clive Rose/Getty Images

In a nail-biter of a 200m race, Katie Ledecky narrowly edged out Sweden's Sarah Sjorstrom by 0.35 seconds to take down her second gold medal of the Olympic Games. She is heavily favored to win the 800m on Friday, and if she does, she will match Debbie Meyer (1968) as the only person ever to take down golds in the 200m, 400m, and 800m in one year.

Maya DiRado also earned her second individual medal of the Olympic Games, taking down the bronze in the 200m IM.

If Stanford were a country, Stanford's medals in six different events would tie it for seventh place, only behind: the United State (26), China (17), Japan (14), Russia (12), Australia (9), and Italy (9). Stanford would also be tied in ninth place for most gold medals.