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Stanford football: Quarterback Spot Still up for Grabs?

Is the quarterback debate put to bed yet?

Kansas State v Stanford Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Ryan Burns kicked off the season with a solid performance doing just enough alongside Christian McCaffrey to claim a win over Kansas State. However, he was not the only quarterback to play for Stanford. He was also not the only quarterback to lead a successful drive.

Keller Chryst not only took the Cardinal offense down the field for a score, he ran the most efficient drive the Cardinal had on the night. They went 65 yards in five plays for the touchdown, all in two minutes and 23 seconds. While he only threw once for 11 yards McCaffrey was able to run all over the place. The thing about Chryst is, he is far more of a running threat then the other two quarterbacks who could get the job.

After checking out high school tape of Chryst you can see the dual threat possibilities in him. Burns and Chryst are neck in neck as far as passing is concerned, at best Burns has the edge. But on the ground Chryst has the advantage as he is a big, mobile quarterback. This would also keep opposing defenses on their toes and open up the playbook for read option. This would help open up running lanes for McCaffrey as well, which means the going gets easier for the best player on the team.

I’m not saying he will take the job from Burns, this is just my argument for why the competition might not be over quite yet.

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