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Checking up on the Heisman Race

With the help of the Rule Of Tree Staff, here is a look at top Heisman candidates

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With week three in the books and some top level games played, it is time to look at some of the front runners in the Heisman race. With the heavy numbers we expect from these trophy winners, we are drawing close to being able to eliminate players who have underperformed and now may be either out of time, or will need a very strong season from here on out to come back.

When asking the Rule Of Tree Staff writers, the strong favorites are Lamar Jackson and Christian McCaffrey. JT Barrett plays the role of the outlier. There are a few reasons these three rise above the rest thus far.

What Lamar Jackson did to Florida State was criminal, he should be locked away for a long time. He proved that he can do more than run around and use read option. He showed he can sit in the pocket against more than a Charlotte. He picked apart FSU’s defense through the air for 216 yards and a touchdown. He also trampled the Seminoles on the ground, rushing for 146 yards and four touchdowns. With 18 total touchdowns in just three weeks, Jackson is making a strong push for college’s most prestigious award.

McCaffrey went back to work against USC after his off week putting up 260 total yards along with two more touchdowns. This is the second time he has more than 200 total yards and two touchdowns this year. Based on just how many times he will touch the ball each game Christian has a great shot at bringing this thing home. All this while David Shaw is trying to limit his touches to keep him fresh, wow.

JT Barrett is on the outside looking in as he has 13 touchdowns but only 809 passing and rushing yards. While he lags behind Jackson in yards he has an impressive outing against Oklahoma going for him as he put up four touchdowns against the Sooners. If he can put it all together down the stretch he has a shot.

While Leonard Fournette sat out last week he came roaring back against Mississippi State with 147 yards and finally found the end zone for two scores. While he did have a solid week against Wisconsin, this week his offensive line looked better, especially in the red zone. And the offense as a whole looked smoother. Again Fournette was never in doubt, finally he got a little help from the players around him.

Dalvin Cook has been the biggest disappointment so far as he has failed to hit the 100 yard rushing mark yet this year and has seen the end zone only twice. He was only able to score against Charleston Southern and smothered against Louisville. While his first game against Ole’ Miss looked promising as he gained over 100 yards receiving he has failed since to gain more then 10 since week one. Cook needs to pick things up quickly or he will fall behind too far to catch up.

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