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Rule of Tree’s predictions for Stanford vs Washington

What does the ROT staff think is going to happen on Friday night?

Stanford v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

Marlaina Calhoun

Washington 31, Stanford 14

Unfortunately, I don’t think the offense for Stanford will be able to come through even with the fan-demand of KJ. Unless Coach Shaw can mix up the play calling and stick to what we do best-in time of possession-and we’re not even sure if Bryce Love is 100%, I suspect Stanford will have a hard time against the best overall defense in the country. I hope I’m wrong and it’s loud as all get-out in Friday night inside Stanford Stadium.

Charlie Foy

It's seemed like just yesterday Stanford crushed Oregon, and we were all talking about winning the North. Where did that Stanford go? I predict the Huskies frustrate Bryce Love and force Shaw to throw. On defense, I think the front seven will get bullied. Washington wins 28-13.

Matt Vassar

All of my esteemed colleagues are predicting blowouts? My belief is that this will be a lot closer than we think. For one, Washington's passing game is better than its rushing game, and they lost two of their top four and three of their top six receivers to injury (TE Hunter Bryant, WR Quinten Pounds, and WR Chico McClatcher). For two, this is a must-win game for both teams. Whoever prevails will likely be the Pac-12 North Champion. Both players and coaches are going to leave everything on the field. Both teams will throw everything they've got. It will be slugfest. It will be a struggle. It won't always be pretty. It will be a game of defense. It will be a question of who breaks. Stanford 20, Washington 17.