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That Stanford fan screaming “Heisman!” is back, and he’s supporting Bryce Love now

Christian McCaffrey’s most vocal fan is in our lives once again

Do you remember the guy screaming “Heisman” at Christian McCaffrey after McCaffrey went nuts against Iowa in the Rose Bowl?

Yeah, that guy:

Guess what: He’s back.

After Bryce Love’s 166-yard, three-touchdown performance to help upset #9 Washington, the same guy was back and yelling his signature phrase.

The Stanford “Heisman!” guy has returned.
Matt Sayles

Published in full glory by Stanford Alum Matt Sayles, a professional photographer who’s captured some of the best photos of Stanford football over the past decade. (His work includes the “Greatest Upset Ever” and the “What’s Your Deal?” Game.) See all of Matt’s work at his website.

Matt recounted the unexpected moment on Twitter: