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KJ Costello Scores His Second Rushing TD of the Season

Daniel Marx gets the assist on a creative play call from David Shaw

Stanford v Utah Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

KJ Costello just scored his second rushing touchdown of the season on a rather unusual 22-yard touchdown run, which put Stanford within striking distance of Washington State: 17-14. After taking the snap, Costello faked a pass and fumbled the ball; he quickly picked it up, though, and ran it for a 22 yard touchdown:

This was Costello’s longest rushing TD run of his career. But it’s not the full story.

To get Costello in striking distance, David Shaw drew up a bit of trickery. Facing a 3rd-and-1, everybody expected a rush right up the middle (as Stanford had done so many times before). Instead, Costello dropped back to pass, and threw to a wide open fullback Daniel Marx, who moved the ball for 24 yards:

A few plays later, Costello would make the rushing touchdown, and Stanford pulled within one score of Washington State: 17-14.