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Predictions on the Pac-12 Title game from the Rule of Tree staff

Who ya got?

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Stanford Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Charlie Foy

I'm from LA, and I can promise you to USC fans have complete faith in their Trojans; it doesn't even cross their mind that they could lose. However, I think USC fans are wrong. Stanford is a much better team now than they were in September. The front seven has improved, and Costello is a big improvement over Keller Chryst. Stanford wins 31-27.

Marlaina Calhoun

Make Sam Darnold throw the ball and unlike the last time these teams met, Stanford’s front needs be dominate on the 3rd down, which I believe they will do. Bryce Love has a good game on a big stage, even with an injured ankle. As long as KJ doesn’t turn the ball over the Cardinal should get the win: 31-24

Daniel Gilbert

The biggest thing for Stanford is playing this game with house money. They were written off and are playing against a team that was considered God’s gift to football in August. Stanford knows what they need to do and have improved dramatically. Well, USC played its best game of the year against Stanford and can do no better. Love is great but KJ is the guy tonight. Stanford 34 USC 24

Nick Dempsey

This game will come down to who wins the line of scrimmage, who makes the most of their possessions, and execution in the red zone. In a matchup of discipline, brutality on the line of scrimmage, and good decision making Stanford would seem to have a substantial upper hand. Also, frankly, the USC coaching staff has shown little to no ability to make improvements. Stanford on the other hand has shown immense adaptability and ability to improve.

I like Stanford to take this one, but I’m prepared for high drama, however as Sam Darnold has a healthy line, and a full compliment of weapons which means there is a good chance he lights up the scoreboard tonight.