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The Future of Conrad Ukropina

Ukropina’s career is just getting started

USC v Stanford Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Many are wondering what fan favorite Conrad Ukropina is up to nowadays. Has he signed with a NFL team? Will he sign with a team? Or will he end his football career all together?

On his way to finishing a masters in business communications, Conrad Ukropina still has every intention of completing his Stanford education, but he also has been trying out for NFL teams at the same time.

Currently, Ukropina is participating in rookie weeks and mini camps. This week, Ukropina was trying out with the 49ers and did very well. Ukropina went 10 for 10 on field goals, and on kickoffs, every ball’s hang time hovered for at least 4.2 seconds.

Furthermore, the 49ers are not the only team to express interest in Ukropina. Prior to this week, he worked out with the Rams and the Raiders, and next week, Ukropina will head to the Redskins training facility. Ukropina has received interest from other teams across the NFL; however, he hasn’t held work outs with them.

Conrad’s future is not a question of whether or not he’ll continue his kicking career; it’s a question of where he’ll end up.