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Richard Sherman gifts high schooler with scholarship

Sherman is a Stanford man at heart

Pro Bowl Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Thug, trash talker, showboater have all been labels put on Richard Sherman during his time in the NFL. However, Sherman is still a Stanford man at heart, which was proven recently in Richmond, Virginia.

Stanford Cardinal alums value education, and Richard Sherman is no different. At the Celebrity Waiter Dinner and Football Camp last year, Sherman met a high schooler and promised her a scholarship if she improved her grades. This year, Sherman returned and the high schooler Hershai James had improved her grades and made the honor roll. Sherman kept his end of the bargain, and now, James will attend college with Sherman’s help.

What makes Stanford athletes so great is that they are students first. Stanford athletes must meet academic requirements set by the administration, and admission is never guaranteed. For Sherman, he graduated from Compton High with a 4.17 GPA and finished second in his class. Sherman worked hard to attend Stanford and knows education is the world’s greatest gift.

Sherman said to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, “It goes back to knowledge is power and if you have knowledge you’re going to be as powerful as you ever want to be.”