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Kick off the 2017 Stanford football season in style with NIMA USA’s helmet speaker

It’s the perfect piece for tailgating on the Farm

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So the Stanford football season kicks off Saturday... but they’re all the way down in Australia. Since they won’t be starting their year on the Farm, why not treat yourself to something nice for when the Cardinal gets back to the USA with a 1-0 record?

The perfect gift (or gift to yourself) for tailgate season is this awesome new Stanford football helmet speaker from NIMA USA.

Check it out:

Honestly, it doesn’t get much cooler than this for a portable speaker. It easily hooked up to my phone’s Bluetooth and was playing music right away. The sound started out a little low when I played off Spotify, but a few clicks of the volume button and I was more than pleased.

I’ve used a UE Boom 2 for my tailgates last year, and this one will definitely be taking its place this year. But nobody can steal mine, so get your own right here: NIMA USA.

The speakers (this one is the smallest of the three sizes available) have a range of 65 feet, last for up to 10 hours, and have a USB cable and AUX cable in addition to Bluetooth capability. And if you get your friend to buy a speaker, you can pair the two speakers to create a surround sound tailgate.

NIMA USA also has a dedicated mobile app that gives you control on your phone (there are manual control buttons on the back, too).

Started in 2004 by Nima Saati, CEO and Founder of NIMA USA, the company has a product line that includes all 32 NFL teams, dozens of NCAA football teams, and other designs for basketball, baseball, and soccer in the works.

See more and check out their website for the absolute best gift for every football fan you know: