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Stanford Football: Coach Shaw leads the way with #settheexpectation game with Arizona State

Coach Shaw will wear a ribbon to raise awareness to sexual violence and consent for student athletes

UCLA v Stanford Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Coach David Shaw and the Stanford football team along with Arizona State, will participate and wear ribbons in the first ever #settheexpectation game this Saturday September 30th at 1pm. The ribbons will raise awareness for sexual assault led by Brenda Tracy.

Brenda Tracy was raped by four men (2 of them being Oregon State football players) in 1998 and drives her message around the country to young men about how they can help fight sexual assault and raise awareness by using their platform as players. Tracy is also a member of the NCAA Committee to Combat Sexual Violence as well is, coach David Shaw.

Tracy has launched a pledge that has been integrated to not only the Stanford football team but to numerous programs including those at the high school level. The pledge outlines rules that athletes and their coaches, pledge to stand up against sexual violence and holds them accountable. It also highlights among other things that players are held to a higher standard, playing football is a privilege, not a right; and that their words and actions matter and can influence what others do.

Stanford players became the first university in the country to sign the Set The Expectation Student Pledge. Coach Shaw shows yet again, how his platform and sports can help spread the word on a national stage and help those who are oppressed or need help, to see change in our society.