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Rule Of Tree Staff Predictions: Utah at Stanford

Can the Cardinal Bounce Back?

Stanford v Utah Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

Daniel Gilbert: Being superstitious can be your whole world for better or worse and last week, it was definitely for the worst. Things got busy in my personal life as I could not predict last weeks game and I would’ve projected incorrectly as I thought Stanford would win but the fact that I missed last week made me feel somewhat responsible, so I’ll guarantee Stanford finds a way through Love’s injury and the offensive line woes and beats Utah at Stanford for the first time 33-17.

Charlie Foy: Still bummed about last week’s game? Not sure about what lies ahead for the Cardinal? Yeah, me too. Against Utah, I think Stanford doesn’t fix the run game and the defense gets pushed around a bit. However, I think the defense will force enough turnovers to get to the ball back in the hands of K.J. Costello, who has his best game of the year. Stanford wins 31-24.

Marlaina Calhoun: The students are back for this critical game versus Utah. But the loss to Notre Dame pushed it to a night game, a late one at that and Shaw will need and appreciate a good crowd in going up against an excellent defensive Utes team. Stanford has yet to beat the Utes in Stanford Stadium. I say the run game stalls this week, and the offensive line does just enough, with the help of the students, to get KJ the ball to the receivers and edge out the win. Stanford wins 24-20.

Colton Molesky: It will be good to get back in front of the home crowd, as Stanford takes on Utah while still licking their wounds dealt by Notre Dame. This game is pretty simple for the Cardinal: score lots of points to put pressure on a Utah offense ill-equipped to keep up (they average 22.2 points per game, ranked 107th in the country). Stanford needs to go aerial with K.J. Costello and keep their foot on the gas pedal. Stanford wins 28-17.