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Meet Stanford Running Back Recruit Justus Woods

Stanford has a history of success with running backs from North Carolina

Early in the recruiting season, Stanford signed its next running back, Justus Woods out of Charlotte, North Carolina. The 6-0, 190-pound running back had many offers, including Wisconsin and Northwestern, but decided to commit to Stanford.

Tell me about yourself.

Originally, I was born in New Jersey and my family and I lived there for about three years and we ended up moving to Virginia to be closer to my grandparents and we stayed there for about twelve years then I moved to North Carolina my freshman year because of my dad’s job and that’s where I am right now. I’m going to Charlotte Christian right now, finishing up my senior year.

What brought you into the sport of football?

Originally I didn’t really like sports in general. I didn’t like football. I didn’t know much about it. It’s actually a funny story about how I started playing. I was throwing the football with my dad out front - I was kind of a bigger kid when I used to play peewee. I played offensive line. Back at the time I didn’t know football and I was just throwing it with my dad and a coach came by. He said ‘Hey, you’re pretty big, you wanna play football?’ My dad and I agreed and we ended up going to the rival’s team’s practice and ended up joining the rival team. So that’s how I started playing. I went from offensive line to tight end to defensive end to running back.

What do you do for fun?

I like to cook a lot. I cook for myself, my family, sometimes for my friends. I like to travel a lot. My family and I have been literally all over the place. We’ve been to Hawaii, California, New York - everywhere. And hanging out with friends.

How did your season go?

Good. My team we won the state championship. We finished up strong. It’s been good so far. Just lifting in the offseason.

You’re on a diet - you eat plenty of beef, vegetables and quinoa every two hours. Do you plan on continuing your diet at Stanford?

Well at that time that was going into my senior year that my dad had me do. Just to put on the muscle and get rid of the fat. As far as doing that at Stanford, I’m not sure right now. I think they have meal plans there so whenever they want me to do - I’m willing to do it. I’m pretty sure I’ll be along the lines of eating that that type of way.

How are you preparing to play at Stanford?

Right now I’m doing some heavy lifting in the winter time. I’m also working on some yoga to get more flexible especially in my hips. I’m doing classes to work out my core. So I’m trying to do as many body weight movements, core and flexibility exercises as I can. And then when its gets springtime, I’ll work on speed, footwork, acceleration and things like that and also just working on my hands - catching the ball out of the backfield and other places.

What schools or players are you looking forward to face?

Definitely USC. Would be a fun game to play against them. And also Notre Dame. Those are the two schools that I’ve seen on TV so it would be surreal to play against them.

You were the second commit in the Class of 2018. What helped to decide early on?

Personally, I’ve always wanted to go to Stanford since I was a little kid when I was eight years old, I went there for a camp and I just fell in love with the camp and everything so every since then it was a dream of mine to play football at Stanford University. When they offered me a scholarship, I was just blessed and honored to receive it. I talked it over with my family and I knew that it was gonna be a quick and easy decision by then but I didn’t wanna rush it too much but ultimately just followed my dream and so I committed.

Do know what you plan on majoring in?

Not at the moment. I’m looking at the different majors that Stanford offers. I like the Symbolic Systems major. I like the technology aspect so I’ll aim towards there. But I’m still open.

Is there a player who you mold your style of play after?

I wouldn’t say I mold my playing style after any particular player. I just like using parts - the best of every player to perfect and be the overall back. I love the versatility of Christian McCaffrey. I try to work on my speed and acceleration like Bryce Love does, then also power and grit like Leonard Fournette. So I like to take different pieces to perfect myself.