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Meet Trey LaBounty, Defensive End Recruit

ROT chats with the latest Stanford commit

Tell me about yourself.

I go to school at Lynden High School. It’s right on the border with US and Canada - a few hours north of Seattle. Academics are pretty important to me. I’ve always been a 4.0 student. I’ve also played lots of sports - football, basketball, rugby.

What brought you into the sport of football?

I started playing football in second grade - played flag football, always loved it since so it’s been my favorite sport. I don’t remember if my parents brought me into it but I loved it.

What do you do for fun?

I hang out with my friends and play video games.

How did your season go?

It went pretty well. We had some turnover. We had one of the best coaches in state history. He passed away before the season. So we got a new coach and that took some time. We had growing pains. We made it to the first round of playoffs. We lost to the team that ended up being the state champion by two. Overall a pretty good season.

You played some tackle in High School. Are you open to position changes at Stanford?

At Stanford, I’ve been recruited to play Defensive End. But I’m open to wherever they need me to be at.

How are you preparing to play at Stanford?

Right now it’s basketball season so I’m pretty focused on that. I’m definitely be gonna training as soon as that’s done in the next two weeks. I’ll be lifting everyday - one day, agility, one day, speed, one day is for vertical explosiveness and I’ll do that all the way through.

What schools or players are you looking forward to face?

Not particularly any. I’m excited to have the experience of being part of a Pac-12 football team.

What factors were playing into your decision? It sounded like you had a tough time choosing between Stanford and Brown.

Yeah, by the far the toughest decision I’ve ever had to make. In the end, I went with Stanford for the co-terminal program - get a masters in five years - that’s really something that’s really nice; saves a lot of money. Just the potential to be able to play basketball or football. No guarantees with playing time or anything. I just think at Stanford - it’s one of the top teams in the nation. There’s no way I’m gonna be selling myself short athletically or academically. And then just the proximity to home - Brown being across the country, is a lot farther than Stanford. Can’t beat California really.

What do you plan on majoring in?

Undecided at this point. Most likely something in the engineering field or the business field. Not 100% sure yet.

Is there a player who you mold your style of play after?

I wouldn’t say that there’s one particular player that I mold my style of play after. One player I’ve always loved is JJ Watt. But high school to this point, I’ve played different positions. I’ve played a 3-4 DE, outside linebacker which at Stanford I’ll play more of the traditional 4-3 DE which is definitely an adjustment but something I’m looking forward to.