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NCAA to allow redshirts to play in up to four games

A win-win for both athletes and coaches

College Football Playoff - Head Coaches Press Conference Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

The NCAA ruled yesterday that players can participate in up to four games in a season and still keep their redshirt status - a major change for college football.

Players will still have five years to compete in up to four seasons of competition, but this exception allows football players to preserve a season of competition if, for example, injuries or other factors result in them competing in a small number of games.

Naturally, this is a huge ruling for all college football teams, but might have a big impact for Stanford, which likes to redshirt a large percentage of its freshman class, including their most high-profile recruits.

Read more from the NCAA’s official reasoning behind the decision:

Council chair Blake James, athletics director at Miami (Florida), said the rule change benefits student-athletes and coaches alike.

“This change promotes not only fairness for college athletes, but also their health and well-being. Redshirt football student-athletes are more likely to remain engaged with the team, and starters will be less likely to feel pressure to play through injuries,” James said. “Coaches will appreciate the additional flexibility and ability to give younger players an opportunity to participate in limited competition.”