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Couch-Side Scouting Report

Sitting down with reporters for the opposition and trying to learn a thing or two on game day

UC Davis v Stanford Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Every game day this season, I will be interviewing a beat reporter covering the opponent, who will give us the inside scoop on the opposition. This week, I talked with Bob Dunning, who covers UC Davis football for the Davis Enterprise.

Colton Molesky - With Bryce Love out, is the strategy for UC to fill the secondary or keep the box full and try to get to Costello?

Bob Dunning - With Stanford’s offensive line and great receivers, you waste a lot of time and energy trying to get to Costello. UCD defensive coordinator Robert Tucker “No matter who we’re playing, our first goal is always to stop the run.”

CM - Does UC have a corner that can contend with Arcega-Whiteside’s size and strength?

BD - No. That guy is an animal. Nobody in the country can stop him.

CM - Stanford showed in the opening two weeks they can manufacture a pass rush via their linebackers. Does UC have a quick passing game to try and neutralize the pass rush?

BD - Yes. Quick toss to Doss on the sideline, and he tiptoes for 6 or 7 yards. Flares to Ulonzo Gilliam out of the backfield.

CM - The favorite here is Stanford, but what does UC have to do in this game to stag scrappy?

BD - Maier has to have time to throw to Doss or Preece or Harrell. Maier is a Pac-12 quality quarterback, Doss could play anywhere, but it’s meaningless is Maier doesn’t have time to throw. Davis will not be able to run against Stanford, period.

CM - Who are the key players on offense and defense for UC in this game?

BD - Maier, Doss, Preece, Gilliam on offense. Parentau, Anesi on defense, and Whelan, the punter, is decent. Will probably get a lot of work Saturday.

CM - What is your game prediction?

BD - Stanford 42-17 (but never close or exciting).