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Rule of Tree Staff Predictions: UC Davis at Stanford Cardinal

How will Stanford fair against the FCS opponent? Here are the staff’s predictions

UC Davis v Stanford Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Daniel Gilbert: Yes, Stanford lost to Davis this century. Yes, Stanford has no Bryce Love. Yes, this will be a quiet crowd of (hopefully) 15,000 people... These are the games that it should not matter who is playing or where the game is played or how many people are in the stands. Stanford needs to use this week as a glorified scrimmage and get ready for next week. Stanford wins this game 38-10, and we get a chance to see quarterback Davis Mills in the third and fourth quarter to give Lord K.J. a rest.

Marlaina Calhoun: Although Davis has weapons that to me, will go under the radar for most fans, as previously mentioned, this is a chance for Scarlett, Speights and others to show up and get quality reps. If there is a game you want Love to sit out for and rest up in preparation of Oregon, this is obviously the one. Davis is good enough for the fans to get their money’s worth and Stanford’s defense should take care of business. Stanford wins 34-10.

David Ta: Every time UC Davis plays Stanford, I trash talk my Sister (UC Davis Alumna) by talking about how much better UC Davis is such as the number of Nobel Prizes, student quality, and quality of research. She begrudgingly admits that Stanford is better without me seeming arrogant as I consistently tell her that she’s wrong as I keep telling UC Davis is obviously the best school in the world. I find this game no different. We are better than Davis, but we should expect some resistance. This won’t be like 2014 where we shut out Davis to the tune of 45-0. We are likely going to blow them out but should expect some fantastic plays from Keelan Doss and Jake Maier, but UC Davis isn’t full of Keelan Dosses and Jake Maiers. Even without Bryce Love, Walker Little and Foster Sarrell, Stanford should have plenty of weapons for a definite win. Stanford wins 51-17.

Colton Molesky: The size that Trenton Irwin and J.J. Arcega-Whiteside have on the outside will allow them to bully the UC Davis secondary. K.J. Costello should have no trouble picking up the slack left by the absence of star running back Bryce Love. Stanford cruises to victory, all the while keeping an eye on next week and the Oregon Ducks. Stanford wins 38-13.