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UPDATE: Davis Mills Throws for 504 Yards, Breaks 21-Year-Old Passing Record

Funny. Earlier this game I wrote: “Death. Taxes. Simi Fehoko TDs”!

NCAA Football: Washington at Stanford Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

In 1998, Todd Husak set a Stanford record by going on a tear for 450 passing yards against Oregon State. The record has now held for over two decades. The only time anybody even came close was when Andrew Luck went for 423 yards against Arizona in 2009.

Now Husak’s record is suddenly in danger. With over 19 minutes left on the game clock, Davis Mills has accumulated 386 yards (and counting!) on this touchdown pass to Simi Fehoko:

This was also Fehoko’s second touchdown of the game. Stanford trails 32-22.

UPDATE: Davis Mills broke Todd Husak’s 21-year-old single-game passing record. Mills completed the game against WSU with 494 passing yards.

UPDATE #2: After the game Mills’ passing yards were corrected by the Pac-12 officials. Mills officially threw for 504 yards.