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Know your enemy: Q&A with California Golden Blogs

Hear what Cal expert Rob Hwang had to say about the Big Game

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 18 Cal at Stanford Photo by Douglas Stringer/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Unsure about what to see from Cal this weekend? Don’t worry, Rob Hwang from California Golden Blogs has you covered!

1. Tell me about Cal’s year so far. Have you been pleased or disappointed?

Pleasing Disappointed? Disappointingly pleased? Its somewhere in the middle ground. If the Bears end the regular season 7-5 I would say we finished right at our floor. The issue was that we started 4-0 and that severely heightened expectations only to be let down to lose the next 4 games. The roller coaster of emotions, play by play, quarter to quarter, game to game, week to week, cannot be good for my overall well being, but here we are. I am tied to this life.

2. I know Cal’s had quarterback issues recently. How have the Bears dealt with injuries and who do you think lines up behind center for the Big Game?

The injuries are not only at QB but at the offensive line. We’ve already lost out starting LT in Will Craig for the year early on in the season. Daltoso and Saffell have been in and out all year. Finally two weeks ago is where we got them back in full health. Now that they have returned and are in full health, the QBs finally look to be thriving, albeit a relative thriving. Chase Garbers is the better QB of the two, but he was injured in the SC game and was said to be day-to-day. Wilcox did say that Chase threw and was in some team periods on Wednesday which is a good sign. Chase will be trying to go as much as possible, but I’d say it would be a game-time decision for Chase. We know if he can’t go it’ll be Devon Modster who gets the start.

3. Is Evan Weaver better than Stanford linebacker legends like Blake Martinez or Shayne Skov? What do you expect from him Saturday?

I will not mention that second man’s name as he injured Jared Goff on what would be a targeting call in present day. The other one though? That’s a pretty solid futures comparison in my opinion. The only added aspect of Weav’s game is that they ask him to do much more on defense, blitz, spy, middle zone coverage, man coverage, deep zone coverage. It’s quite impressive how comfortable they are with asking to run any assignment. I expect he’ll do much of the same against Stanford. Double digit tackles, a few sacks/tackles for loss, maybe a pass break up at the line of scrimmage. He’ll be all over the field.

4. Any other names Stanford fans should be on the lookout for?

His partner in the middle of the defense in Kuony Deng. The 6-foot-6 middle linebacker (yes that’s correct. He’s 6-foot-6.) has been a huge addition from JUCO both figuratively and literally. He fills in for Jordan Kunaszyk who is now with the Carolina Panthers. He’s been coming into his own as the season has progressed and is starting to blossom as a bonafide middle linebacker. Dont’ be surprised if you see #8 making a few plays that you did not expect him to.

5. From a Cal perspective, who would you rather have Stanford start: KJ Costello or Davis Mills?

I’m always for playing a known quantity over the hit or miss of an unknown. I will take KJ Costello. The Bears have faced him before, have much more tape to go off of, and will desperately want revenge on him from last year’s delayed Big Game.

6. How many Cal fans do expect to show up to the Farm for the game?

I expect quite a few. I’ve been hearing fans want to make it a Cal home game, and can smell a higher chance of victory against the trees than they have in years past. Judging from the Stanford fan showing the last few weeks, it doesn’t look to be too difficult to surpass them and create a home atmosphere for the Bears. Of course, this being a rivalry game, you could see a bump up in attendance from the home fans as well.

7. What would a win and snapping Stanford’s Big Game streak mean for Cal?

So much. For myself and my podcast Co-Host Andy Johnson, we haven’t seen the Axe on Cal’s campus since we were in college. That is some dark times. Ending the 2010’s with the Axe back in Berkeley and with how this season has gone would go a long way to alleviating some of the hurt this season has inflicted on the Cal fan base. We seem to trend in breaking a streak every year, last year was SC, the year before it was a top 10 Pac-12 opponent with WSU. Let’s get one for this season.