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The highest-graded Stanford players through four weeks

The Cardinal have played three games, and here’s where the grades have landed

University of Oregon v Stanford Football Photo by Craig Mitchelldyer/ISI Photos/Getty Images

The Stanford Cardinal are known for their grades, that’s putting it lightly. And so we thought it fitting to take a look at how the analytics companies are grading the Stanford Cardinal football players through Week 4, three games worth of action for Stanford.

I took to the PFF grade books to take a look at who were the highest-graded players on each side of the ball through four weeks and compared them to where they rank among their peers in the conference. The results are below, but the caveats first.

PFF grades are certainly subjective to their grading criterion. They are also subjective to the analyst grading that specific game. Sure they rely on a certain same set of standards, but there are differences in the eyes of the graders and thus, the PFF grades should never, ever be an end-all, be-all discussion point, but rather an opener for discussion on who’s been playing well and who maybe hasn’t been playing so well.

With that being said, here are the five highest-graded players on each side of the ball through three games, four weeks of the Pac-12 season, with a snap-count minimum of 75 for each side of the ball.


C Drew Dalman — 80.4 overall (1st among centers in the Pac-12)

WR Connor Wedington — 74.2 overall (2nd among WRs in the Pac-12)

G Branson Bragg — 69.0 overall (7th among guards in the Pac-12)

T Foster Sarell — 67.9 overall (12th among tackles in the Pac-12)

QB Davis Mills — 66.4 overall (7th among QB in the Pac-12)


LB Levani Damuni — 70.0 overall (6th among LB in the Pac-12)

DI Dalyn Wade-Perry — 68.3 overall (9th among interior DL in the Pac-12)

DL Thomas Booker — 68.3 overall (10th among interior DL in the Pac-12)

CB Jonathan McGill — 66.7 overall (19th among CBs in the Pac-12)

S Kendall Williamson — 66.3 overall (10th among S in the Pac-12)