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Malik Antoine learns to play piano during the coronavirus pandemic

And we’re here for status updates on his progress!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 07 Stanford at USC Photo by Jordon Kelly/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

You won’t find a much bigger fan who doesn’t currently reside in Palo Alto or in Malik Antoine’s hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana than me. After all, I did rank him as the team’s second-best returning defensive player behind All-American Paulson Adebo, and took heat from it from some Cardinal ‘fans’ on Twitter.

That being said, when Antoine gave us a brief snippet of his progress on his piano-learning during the coronavirus outbreak, you could be damn sure that I was going to write up a full post on it.

Antoine took to learning the piano when he found himself back home and with some spare time after finishing the semester, spending quality time with his family and purchasing the an electric piano to self-teach himself how to play.

When an elite-level athlete puts his or her mind to doing something, you can bet you’ll get some elite-level results.

And that’s just what Antoine’s rendition of ‘Over The Rainbow’ shows after just a mere few weeks of playing the piano.

Get it, Malik — but don’t leave the football team to go take your new talents to Walt Disney Concert Hall until after the season’s over!