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Who’s the first athlete that comes to mind when you see this logo?

We’ll bite. Let’s play the popular social media game.

NCAA Football: UCLA at Stanford Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There’s a social media craze going on right now. Now, more than ever, social media crazes are taking us all by storm. During the coronavirus pandemic, social media has allowed many across the world to stay connected, stay on top of what’s been going on.

Crazes have come and gone this year, much like they always do, but during the safer-at-home COVID-19 pandemic, crazes have really seemingly taken complete control. No one account is safe from it, and no one account is smart to not take part in these crazes.

So, what is it you ask?

It’s simple: Each team, company, entity, etc. with a social media presence (and some who even don’t) is placing their specific company or team logo as an image. It’s followed by a simple request: “Who’s the first athlete you think of when you see this logo?”

Some answers to some questions have been extremely funny and/or extremely nostalgic. Others have conjured up thoughts of perhaps the potential return of the good ole days or given us an outlet to discuss old sports memories that we hold near and dear.

The Stanford Cardinal Athletics Department got in on the fun, and so that now brings it to us here. We’ll bit. We’ll join in on the fun.

Who’s the first athlete you think of when you see this logo?