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David Shaw won’t pursue NFL job, ‘loves being at Stanford’

Shaw will likely be linked to making the NFL jump his entire collegiate career, but rest assured, he’s still committed to the Cardinal

Washington v Stanford Photo by David Madison/Getty Images

In a recent interview with Mike Tirico, Stanford Cardinal head coach David Shaw addressed the always popular offseason topic of him being lured away by an NFL team.

Shaw, who did spend years as an NFL assistant with the Philadelphia Eagles, Baltimore Ravens and Oakland Raiders, told Tirico that he loves being at Stanford, and after reading his comments, it seems surely like he’s in it for the long haul with the Cardinal.

“Stanford’s not a place you just go through, do a good job and jump out of here,” Shaw said (via PFT). “That’s not the way I see this job…I love being at Stanford because I get the brightest guys, I get the most competitive guys on and off the field. I still tell people I write more recommendations than any football coach in America for graduate school, for job opportunities. I’ve helped guys get to the point where they’re starting their own companies. That doesn’t happen on any other campus other than ours, so I love the energy. I love the passion. Not to mention we’re coming off a pretty darn good decade and ready to start the next decade on a high note also.”

While Shaw joined the college coaching ranks with the University of San Diego in 2006, it wasn’t long until he made the Division I, even Power-5 leap, landing on the Stanford staff in 2007 and ultimately being promoted to head coach in 2011.

We know how the rest goes but it is surely refreshing to hear more about Shaw and his commitment to Stanford.

He also told Tirico that Stanford is his ‘destination’ job and he’s pretty content with his role here. Apparently, he was contacted by the Washington Redskins this past offseason before they hired Ron Rivera, so no matter what he says, he still seems to be garnering interest.

“[M]y career was reversed of many coaches,” Shaw said. “Two years out of college I was coaching in the NFL. So I had nine years of NFL experience, and so I know what that’s about. It doesn’t hold any, ‘Oh my gosh, I wonder what that feels like.’ I know what it feels like. I’ve been there. I coached Hall of Fame players and great players and coached in everything but the Super Bowl, so I know what that feels like. That’s number one.”

Shaw is entering his 10th season as the lead man in charge of your Cardinal, and is the all-time leader in coaching wins, just a mere few percentage points away from the all-time best winning percentage behind Pop Warner.