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Katie Ledecky featured in great detail on Olympic postponement

Inyoung Choi, a senior at Stanford, penned a riveting feature on the Olympic Gold Medalist

TYR Pro Swim Series at Des Moines Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Perhaps the greatest female swimmer of all-time, Katie Ledecky isn’t going anywhere. And no Olympic postponement is going to get in her way of furthering her Olympic Gold Medal records.

“I think it was important to [talk] about [the Olympics postponement] so that other people are encouraged to stay positive.” Ledecky said. “As athletes, we sometimes get very caught up in our competitions, and it’s so central to our lives … It’s something like this that [reminds] all the athletes that there are a lot bigger things out there, and we’re just kind of one part of this much larger world.”

Ledecky spoke with the Stanford Daily on the Olympic postponement, her career after her stunning performance at the 2016 Rio Games, her time at Stanford, turning pro in 2018 and her goals for 2020 and the future beyond the Olympic postponement.

I’m not even going to try to do the feature justice by summing it up, I’ll rather link you to it to read for yourselves. It’s a tremendous article that features multiple interviews about her character, work ethic and so much more from people incredibly close to Ledecky.

This feature, written by Inyoung Choi, a senior at Stanford, is so brilliantly written that it needs its time in the sun. It needs the spotlight. It deserves it as much as Ledecky does.

Go give it a read, give it a comment, give it a thumbs up.

And thank Choi while we’re at it.

I know I have.

Read it here:

Katie Ledecky Owns Her Time